History of our house

Aussermayulrich appears in 1303 in the first deed of endowment for the church, Ulrich Sohn des Mayers.

Barbara Wandett from Portugal, who made an alms donation in 1590, is said to have rebuilt the house of Aussermayrulrich from scratch; she is said to have been rich and from a distinguished Portuguese family.

There is also a very interesting legend:

In earlier times, the entire Altkasermahd (mahd - mountain field above the artificial lake) is said to have belonged to Mayrulrich. On these the wild maidens are said to have been fond of visiting the maidens who made hay there in the summer, as they did in other mowing fields. hay there in summer and had a very good time with them. Also in autumn, when the hay was carried away on bows and wagons, these mountain maidens appeared to the wagoners, sat on the hay oxen and rode out such long distances that the wagoners had to drive them back with rods and hostages. One Mayrulricher son was particularly fond of one named Gertraud.
He could not drive her back from the cart with all his coaxing and beating, and she drove three hours to Soyreith, clinging to the cart. There he said with all seriousness: "Go back at once, Gertraud, or become my wife! Gertraud chose the latter, went with the farmer's son to Mayrulrich, married him, bore him several children and lived peacefully. However, she asked that her name not be mentioned to anyone and that she never be called by her name, otherwise she would have to go back to her old home. Once when she was picking worms off the plants in the garden along the path, a handsome woman in a black dress came unexpectedly, called her by her name and said: "My dear sister Gertraud, the worms are eating your herb". After this, the housewife immediately disappeared from Mayrulrich. Only on Saturdays and festival evenings did she almost always come back late, comb her hair, wash and clean her children, then disappear again and make a pilgrimage back to her lonely flat.